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The Company

Tapis Richard Ranger Carpet is a family owned and operated business specializing in the sale and installation of floor covering. Well established in the town of Alexandria (Ontario) for over 30 years, Tapis Richard Ranger Carpet benefits from a solid reputation in the flooring industry. Our dedicated experts are trained in both residential and commercial projects. Our unique level of personal service meets the ever changing needs of our loyal clientele to ensure their total satisfaction. Our mission is to inform and guide the consumer through every step of the design process.


Community Involvement

Tapis Richard Ranger Carpet takes an active role in a variety of social initiatives in the region. The company is committed to many righteous charitable causes like the Glengarry Memorial Hospital and the Hawkesbury & District General Hospital Foundations by raising funds throughout various activities. In addition to this, Tapis Richard Ranger Carpet, through community partnerships with local schools, supports cooperative and continuous education programs. This contribution allows students to get structured job experience and provides, at the same time, a future in the flooring industry.

Omnium Golf

For more than 11 years, Tapis Richard Ranger Carpet has acted as one of the main sponsors for the Robert “Bob” Hartley Charity Golf Tournament. The annual event, aimed at raising funds for scholarships for students in the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, allowed Richard Ranger to help send many deserving kids to college or university. Alongside Robert Hartley and fellow members of the golf tournament’s organizing committee, Richard Ranger deployed many efforts to ensure the success of the event. His firm and formal involvement gave him great visibility and the well deserved recognition from his faithful clientele.

More than 200,000 dollars have been donated to high schools in the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell region over an eleven year period. Still today, even though the charity golf tournament is no longer held, the Robert “Bob” Hartley Charity Fund continues to grow and more than 750,000 dollars remain to be given as scholarships.


“One of the Montreal Canadiens all-time greats was in Alexandria last Sunday (May 28th, 2006), hosted by Richard Ranger at his store, as part of a fundraising effort for two hospital foundations. (…) Hundreds of local fans – young and old – dropped by Tapis Richard Ranger Carpet to meet the hockey player (…). Ranger had the idea to invite the hockey hall-of-famer to town more than a year ago, and it took some doing to bring this event to fruitition.(…) Ranger covered all the expenses for the event, so that all proceeds could be donated to two hospital foundations. The Alexandria businessman says he is “very happy with the results” as the foundations of the of the Glengarry Memorial and Hawkesbury hospitals will each receive $5000.”(Sean Bray, The Glengarry News)

Since this major event, Richard  Ranger has continued to give generously to both foundations. To this day, both hospital foundations have each received 25,000 dollars.



Congratulations to Tapis Richard Ranger Carpet who wins the Merchant of the year Award 2008 – Eastern Canada Region – honor presented by Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring. This award, relished by many other flooring companies across Canada is presented  annually to a company who has had outstanding sales and who has promoted, through various ways, the Lauzon brand. The award was granted to Richard Ranger alongside family and staff members on Wednesday March 25th, 2009 in the Tapis Richard Ranger Carpet showroom located in Alexandria. David Lauzon, company president, presented the award to Richard Ranger under the watchful eye of local journalists. After the award ceremony, Richard Ranger said that the success of his company relied on the dedication and value of his highly qualified staff and on his solid reputation for having an outstanding customer service.

Tapis Richard Ranger Carpet wins the “Business of the Year – 2010 Award” presented by the North Glengarry Township. The banquet took  place in September 2010 in Maxville.


Meet the president

“For more than 30 years, I have been watching my business grow and take its place in the flooring industry. Being a well-known visionary, I am always looking for ways to innovate to better serve and meet the growing  needs of consumers. “I take all projects to heart, big or small, we do them all!”

The social involvement of my company in the community is tangible. I am an important   employer in the Alexandria region, always welcoming the opportunity for employee development and training. In these times of change, driven by technology, my goal is to make sure that I differentiate myself from the competition. Tapis Richard Ranger Carpet strongly believes that its future relies on skilled professionals, competitive prices and outstanding customer service.

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